Thursday, February 24, 2005

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peeing fetish

It was a late summer night, the kind where any effort to move had better be worth while due to all of the willpower put behind it. The windows, as well as the door, to my room were open, allowing a cool breeze to blow over my bed. My eyes were half open, half closed, and I lay lifeless on the over-sized, soft bed, clad in nothing but a very light-weight baby pink camisole. The wind-chimes which hang in sundry places around my room vibrators with beads -- On the ceiling, off of bookshelves, off of my grand mirror -- would sound once in awhile, but only lightly. One, two chimes at the most, and all sound would disappear. My thoughts immediately turned to you as my wandering eyes fell upon your picture on my dresser. I wondered where you were, and what peeing fetish were up to and soon was falling asleep with thoughts of you in my head.

A noise brought me out of my light slumber. It sounded like a cough, or a gasp almost. My eyes fluttered a little, and the shadowed form of someone standing over me soon registered in my mind. "W..Who are you..?" I sleepily asked, trying to make the fear less obvious.

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Your grip tightens around my waist, you pump furiously away and I experience peeing fetish a new rush of energy. Once more the universe shows itself to me as your erupt, causing my moans to grow louder. Tired, sweaty, and over-heated, I collapse into your arms. Snuggling close, you kiss my nose and brush the hair away from my face. The universe shrinks, and I am back in my bedroom, safe with you.

Found by you, yet again.